Daily illustrations for Bloomberg's morning dispatch. Each with a roughly 2.5 hour turnaround.

Trump was impeached in my second week on the job. Yay!

China was not impressed with the terms of the trade war's phase 1 resolution, they wanted more.

Google slugs off its pre-diabetes blues with considerations of a Fitbit acquisition.

This came when the NBA pissed off China. If you're ever in one of Bloomberg's offices, wait for a screen-saver to come on and you will see it.

He loves his non-renewables.

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After tapping into the Daybreak article, a cropped version is displayed on the article. This responsiveness creates a unique design problem, as the central idea must be displayed in a small portion of the entire image and then composed around.

Speaker of the House John Bercow was not happy with Boris Johnson leading up to the October resolution on a Brexit deal.

Aramco wasn't doing well.

Summarizing the quarterly earnings reports of Microsoft (boosted by cloud services), Caterpillar, Boeing and Tesla.

The road to recovery for the China-US trade war may be paved in illicit opiates.

The pound is to Boris as the stone is to Sisyphus.

In November, Xi remarked that activists in Hong Kong were trampling on the rule of law.