Full-stack web development for artists, small businesses and personal work.

LAMP stack portfolio website for Mark Pernice with a Wordpress CMS.

Mark is an award-winning illustrator and a partner at the design studio Out Of Office. We engaged in a fluid process, with Mark sending rough ideas, then having me solidify the numbers and responsiveness before developing.

JAM stack portfolio website for Dylan Ahern with a flat file CMS.

Dylan is an artist in Richmond currently pursuing his MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University. His only direction was that he wanted something subtle and simple. I subtely simplified the design process by letting the website pick a font for itself on every load.

Cult Cooker

Presentaton of research on new religious movements. Research entries were recorded into a spreadsheet which was then used to generate cult "recipes," or mad libs.

Picket Sign

Presentaton of a refreshed picket sign exploring methods of whimsical sabotage against cubicle America.