Ongoing illustrations for IBM Research and the Watson AI lab at MIT.

Using tensor algebra to compress models for neural networks.

Illustrating how AI may abstract and compare eclectic data as it navigates a logic process to determine the validity of a statement. Here, the AI determines that Albert Einstein was not born in Switzerland because he was born in Ulm, Germany.

Hero work for news on IBM’s ObjectNet, an advanced dataset for neural object recognition that accounts for random and contextual obfuscation of common forms, like chairs.

Personifying the antagonistic relationship between antibacterial peptides (generated from artificial intelligence) and E. Coli.

Improving accuracy of AI diagnosis in health care specializations like dermatology.

Announcing Black Loans Matter, Watson’s research combatting racial bias in loan approval automation datasets for Wells Fargo.

Using AI to generate new molecules for materials research.

Illustrating the concept that physical closeness improves latency of response between quantum and classical computers.

Compressing contextually simplified neural networks into small devices to power the IoT.