The Saboteurs Workplace Union will covertly put some Dada-esque nonsense in your workday for the sake of a better tomorrow. They’re coming for your office supplies.

SWU's logotype is intended to resemble a happy little face.

Every serious Swuster needs it. It shows us how to SWU. SWU on with the Workbook, learn more below.

The first booklet within the SWU workbook package introduces the Union (Swunion).

New members and prospects of SWU receive a workbook which is constructed using easily pilfered office supplies.

The workbook is a package of 3 documents, and utilizes an eclectic mix of supplies. It introduces, acclimates, and guides the activities of new Swusters.

The second booklet within the workbook, titled "Thoughts," contains poetry generated by randomizing the content of office etiquette guides.

The main section of the workbook is the gallery. It contains a collection of approved and unapproved sculptures which serve to guide the bulk of activities for new Swusters.

To select submitted sculptures and vet new prospects, SWU posted them publicly alongside posters which guide the SWU approved critique process

Each sculpture, submitted by current Swusters, was constructed using commonplace office supplies and was often inspired by Dada works of the past.

Review posters guided viewers to nearly destroy the submissions in hopes that unbridled interaction may provide more relevant insights.

The workbook was presented in a file cabinet along with applications for those interested. The cabinet was labeled (mischievously), and topped off with a custom nameplate inspired by Magritte's "The Treachery of Images."

Bespoke type was drawn for SWU. The type was created by laying hairline strokes over Arial Black and breaking up its glyphs in a stencil-esque fashion. Default stroke styles are used and the resultant typeface feels covert, ridiculous and a little confusing.