Nick Sheeran is a design studio. Below is their work.

Bloomberg Daybreak

Editorial Illustration

Divine Synchronicity

Speculative Identity


Miscellaneous Work


Beverage Packaging

Skirl 043

Music Packaging

Flyer Maker

Computational Design

Iceland Naturally

Advertising and Motion


Politics for Work

Want more? How about a Swatch made while designing at karlssonwilker? Or you could try this game they helped with. Then, an exhibition proposal about the changing labor conditions of Baltimore City. There is also a political party. One time Nick starred in an *avant garde* film. Another time, they generated cult recipes. That was right after a generative sans-serif rip-off of Bodoni and a future for posters on the web. Mobile phone overuse is a proposed form of psychological or behavioural dependence on cell phones, closely related to other digital dependencies such as social media addiction or internet addiction disorder. Some mobile phone users exhibit problematic behaviours related to substance use disorders. These behaviors can include preoccupation with mobile communication, excessive money or time spent on mobile phones, use of mobile phones in socially or physically inappropriate situations such as driving an automobile. Increased use can also lead to increased time on mobile communication, adverse effects on relationships, and anxiety if separated from a mobile phone or sufficient signal.